Letter to Freshmen

Dear Freshman, congratulations on making it all the way to highschool. I remember when I was an 8th grader excited to come up here. 9th grade is really easy but its also different from middle school. You have to fi=ocus more on your grades because you can slip up easily. As for being successful socially, keep a tight-nit group around. Keep a small circle of friends but dont be hesitant to make new ones. Coming into highschool, I met lots of different people and I like them all. I made friends with lots of juniors ansd seniors and thats good, because they got my back. But always have a small circle because sometimes people will be fake and theres a lot of drama freshman year. If you join extracurricular activities, stay focused, and make good friends, freshman year will be a blast for you.

From, Mahmoud Fofana

Catalog Poem

The haven of the basketball court,

Is like no other.

When I step on that court,

My feelings is like no other.

When I grab the ball, and feel the pebbles around that orange ball,

My feelings soar, which is like no other.

But when its time to leave, all the realities of life come crashing down on me, like a feeling of no other.


Activity 9


  • You can connect more quickly
  • There are more unsafe websites than safe websites
  • On sites like Instagram and twitter, people can go private.


  • Hackers can track people on those websites.
  • You can give your credit card number to an unsafe website, and get your money stolen.
  • You can accientaly send something, and the whole world will know if your not safe

Basketball: My Passion

Have you ever had the feeling where you felt safe at the moment? Or when you were doing something you didn’t want anybody to distract you? That feeling¬†happens to me most of the time; when I am on the basketball court. It is the one place that is home aside from home. The reason is simple: Love. I’ve been playing basketball since I was 6 and started playing organized when I was 8. I dont think people understand how much I love this game.

There is a story I want to share about my early days playing basketball. If anybody should get credit for my start of basketball, it would be my sister. The memories are so vivid in my head that I can paint it. I was in kindergarten and I went to a K-6 school, so I was always hanging around the older kids because I would always hang out with my sister. My sister and her friend were very athletic so they were always around the basketball court with their peers. Since I always hanged around my sister, I always wanted to play basketball with the older kids. But they would never let me because I was so little and young. Eventually my sister forced me in and I just immediately fell in love with the game. The rest after that is history.

Growing up, my favorite player was always Chris Paul a.k.a CP3. The reason why I admired him so much was because he was small but he was still the best point guard in the league. I love the way he plays and how he has the will to win.

I have goals and dreams that I want to achieve in this sport. I want to play at the collegiate level and hopefully go pro. In the meantime I will keep on working and grinding so my goals will become a reality.


My Passion

My Favorite Player: Chris Paul

Culture and Family

First off, I live with 6 people but 7 for now. I live with my dad, mom, brother, 3 sisters, and grandpa who is visiting. He is leaving on May 3rd. If the average person is reading this, they would think it is overcrowded but in reality the house is always empty. The only times everybody really sees each other is in the morning, and thats for only like 30 minutes. When I arrive home from school, its just me because all my siblings are at school and my parents are at work. It kind of gets boring and lonely so I usually take a stroll through the neighborhood or walk to Wendy’s.

My dad works as a local truck driver. He goes to work at 2 p.m. and arrives around midnight. Some of his interest are to go to the Y in the morning and he is very religious. He is respected among the community. My mom works as a nurse and she is at work around the same time that I am at school. She likes to go to parties and cook at the house. She also likes to take me to the Y. I have 2 older sisters, Oumou and Bintou. Oumou is currently attending Ohio State but I dont know what she is trying to major in. Bintou comes to Heights with me but she is really never home after school. She usually hangs out with her friends or is doing something at school. My little brother, Abdulkhadir, goes to Franklin Woods. His favorite interest is to play basketball and hang with friends. I love hanging out with him sometimes because he is my only brother, even though he can be annoying sometimes. Last but not least, my little sister Aisha. Her interests are to watch Disney Princess Movies and to follow my mom everywhere.

I have a very unique family with lots of cousins but one of my cousins, cherinoh, is my favorite. My birthday is July 10 and his is July 12 so we usually spend it together on July 11. We usually go to the Y together and we go to Steak N’ Shake.

I basically love my family and we all have interests.



Global Issues: Racism

For this week’s blogging challenge, I chose to do racism because it is one of the worlds most talked about topics. Even though segregation was ended in 1964, the flame of segregation was not extinguished in some peoples hearts. To this day we have people that still feel hatred to a different race than theirs. When someone says racism, the first thing you would think about is white against balck. But thats not racism.According to Racism Facts, the definition of racism is being racially prejudiced and discriminating against another race. That means disregarding and sometimes harassing others that are not your color or race. Over the past few years, there has been a lot of violence and controversy between police officers and black men. According to dosomething.org, in number 2, it stated that cops are more likely to stop and frisk black men than white. Then the black men would would fight back and thats what gets them killed or injured. PBS made an article concerning the topic of what to do and how to stay safe when a cop pulls you over.


Police arresting African-American man

How To Comment

Commenting is important to some people but other people just brush it off. Im the type to brush it off because it doesnt really bother me. But I dont really like when people read my blog, and then ask me something that is right there in the text. It tells me that you were not paying attention and that you just commented to comment. Other than that, I dont really care what you comment but it should be irrevelant.


Image result for chamberlain car parts black mountain college

John Chamberlin “Shortstop” 1958

To tell you the truth, I am a mess. No, let me rephrase that, I am a beautiful mess. You can say anything you want about me but I don’t care because I am a cute mess. I was once something useful. I was once something cared for. But now I am useless. A useless, but beautiful, mess. You probably sit in front of me, laughing and joking that I am some rusty car part or parts. Little do you know I helped someone in the past. Little do you know that someone relied on me to transport them somewhere. I actually mattered. But I am a mess now. A beautiful mess.


What I hear in the setting of an inner-city is exciting. Cars honking, tires screeching, and birds chirping. Everybody is rushing to go to work or take their kids to school. It is really pleasing to hear. When I went to New York, I used to look out the window everyday to see the traffic go by. I saw shops opening people on scooters rolling away and loud conversations of greetings and what happened last night.